Let's Make

A guide for promoting making in libraries


Find out how libraries that have implemented maker activities support individuals and whole communities by offering health- and disability-related activities, medical applications of library maker resources:

  • using makerspace or digital media lab equipment to design and craft devicied which assist people with disavilities (e.g. 3D printed prostheses),
  • forming partnerships with other institutions or organization that use technology to support people with disabilities,


In the Broward County Library s makerspace – the Creation Station one of the projects included a prosthetic thumb for a handicapped customer, which was created with the assistance of the Creation Station s two-person staff. And a visually impaired customer created a device that worked in conjunction with her Braille and audio devices, allowing her greater freedom and mobility at home.

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In the MakerSpace ran by the Johnson County Library a 17-year-old patron used a 3D printer to craft a prosthetic hand for a 9 year-old Matthew who is missing fingers on his right hand. 3D design of the prosthesis was available on Thingiverse.

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In Sacramento Public Library (California, US) a volunteer has initiated partnerships with the Society for the Blind and Crocker Art Museum so that those with vision impairments can interact with art in a tactile way by handling 3D printed facsimiles of works in the Crocker collection.

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E-nabling The Future is is a global community and network of volunteers using 3D printing to give the World a “Helping Hand” – prosthetic divives that may help people with disabilities. The network’s website contains resources: tutorials, tips, links and stories. Patricipants of the network include libraries (as mentioned on the website).

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