Let's Make

A guide for promoting making in libraries

STEM areas

Find out how libraries that have implemented maker activities support individuals and whole communities by boosting interest in STEM areas among children

  • providing children space and opportunities to experiment, tinker, make, nad have fun while learning things,
  • teaching children to code.

Examples, stories:

In Phoenix public Library, Arizona (US), in the makerspace named MACH1 children are encouraged to tinker and experiment. They are
shown that paly to learn approach is as a way of nurturing their creativity and imagination as well as getting real world skills
in STEM areas that may be used when applying to college and on the job market. Ideas of kids activities include Cyborg Factory for
8-14 year olds (building robots using simple tools such as tins, toothbrush heads, cups and plastic bottles) and Minecraft Mondays
(group fun crafting with other players using the library s MinecraftEdu server.

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In the EPL Makerspace managed by the Edmonton Public Library (Canada) children are recreating (3D modeling and 3D printing) well
known objects from popular movies. One patron, Gabe – an 11-year-old – recreated Dr. Who s Tardis after designing it from scratch
using Tinkercad. The photo has been showcast on the library s Pinterest.

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Fayetteville Free Library has a specially designed play area for children named the Little Makers. A space and special programs are
provided to encourage children aged 5-8 to create and build. The goal of Little Makers is to facilitate the development of critical
thinking, problem solving, and STEM skills.

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