Let's Make

A guide for promoting making in libraries

Community s resources

Find out how libraries that have implemented maker activities support individuals and whole communities by utilizing and multiplying community s own resources:

  • engaging community members in the process of creation of library s maker space or activities,
  • encouraging people to volunteer, share their own resources and expertise,
  • providing people opportunities to gain working experience, knowledge and skills (for example by training others).

Examples, stories:

Over 100 volunteers (local makers and experts) teach tech classes in Makerspace led by Missoula Public Library in Montana (US). Classes are free. In the makerspace regular tech group meetings are organized, for example Linus Users Group and Mikrotik Users Group.

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Creators of Palo Alto City Library’s makerspace ‘makeX’ engaged teens in the planning process using design thinking methodology. ‘Teens were extensively involved in the planning process in a manner that promoted their engagement in the design thinking process and demonstrated the applications of design thinking concepts in life and learning.

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The MakerSpace, a part of The Westport Library in Connecticut (US) the Maker-in-Residence program is organized: workshops woth guest makers or other community experts on various aspects of making, including arts, crafts and design.

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Digital Commons is a maker space and a digital lab located in the D.C. Public Library in Washington, DC. It provides an equipped co-working space (the Dream Lab), but in exchange for using it for free each individual or organizational member is required to provide a minimum of one hour of public programming a month related to information technologies and / or digital literacy.

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The Studio in Anythink Libraries (in Adams County, Colorado, US) have Artists in Residence program. Local artists and creative community members volunteer to support young people with their projects on graphic and industrial design, writing and recording music, and screenwriting.

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