Let's Make

A guide for promoting making in libraries

Community resilience

Find out how libraries that have implemented maker activities support individuals and whole communities by supporting resilience and self-reliance in the community:

  • making available 3D printing technology for creating spare parts of household appliances,
  • making available of sewing machines for sewing or repairing clothes or accessories,
  • providing support or organizing workshops on saving, coping in a crisis, maintain one s own appliances etc.
  • providing a Do-It-Together community garden etc.


In the HYPE Makerspace run by the Detroit Public Library a bike workshop has been operating under the name of BikeTech. Patrons may
use the equipment provided in order to fix their bikes, they can also learn (and get support on) how to maintain, fix, and
customize a bicycle. The makerspace provided also sewing machines which may be use both to learn basic sewing skills and to repair
old clothes.

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